“Two Worlds Connect” is an organization whose prime directive is to make a difference in the world, through entertainment.  We chose music as a platform, since it is the universal language.  “Two Worlds” performs benefit concerts, raising funds for those in need.

Water Wells

Our current endeavor, which includes “Ride for Africa”, is to bring CLEAN WATER to the children of Africa and other parts of the world, where many die before age 5, due to water-born disease.  After examining the issues and adversities that Africans face, providing clean water became a “no brainer” as the starting point to bringing aid since a high percentage of illness is caused by contaminated water.

In parts of Africa, people cannot live in the same place year round without a water well; thus, a village cannot thrive. The women walk up to 8 hours every day just to collect enough water for the survival of their families, leaving little time for educating their children.  In areas such as Southern Sudan, rich aquifers lie closely beneath the surface; wells can be drilled at a low cost, saving the lives of thousands.

Schools and Medical Clinics

We are looking to partner with others to help with educational materials and medical supplies when a well is established and a village is born.  Watch for future drives for books, medical supplies, etc.


Human Trafficking Abroad and in the United States

In 2007, Two Worlds Connect produced the music video “Dark Rain”, to help bring awareness to the atrocities in Sudan, and the many thousands of children still being held in slavery and prostitution.  We work very closely with a local group of Sudanese children, and 100% of the proceeds from “Dark Rain” go to helping better their lives, and many others’.  Please send us an E-Mail: if you would like to purchase this video.   

San Diego has become one of eight major U.S. cities where Human Traffickers are operating on a large scale.  Other U.S. cities include San Francisco and Las Vegas.  Emotionally needy pre-teen and teenage girls are targeted by these perpetrators. This has become a 32 billion dollar industry, larger than Starbuck’s, Nike and Google combined.